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“Mandi the Clown and the Hula Hoop Circus”

A picture book written by Hula Hoop Circus owner and founder.

Join real-life entertainer made picture book character, Mandi the Clown, in this inspiring adventure of following your dreams.  Ignite your imagination as the hula hoop circus comes to life with extraordinary animals, mountains of candy, and a whole lot of circus spectacular!

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Handmade Hula Hoops

Properly sized and weighted hula hoops, easier to use and built to last! Choose your favourite colours. Available for pickup in Grande Prairie, Alberta

  • Collapsible Polypro Hoops – $50
  • Adult Hoops – $45 (36″ – 42″ in diameter)
  • Child Hoops – $30 (28″ – 34″ in diameter)
  • Mini Hoops – $15/each (20″ – 24″ in diameter)

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