Family-friendly entertainment and engaging instruction to inspire practice, play and passion.

Amanda Syryda 

Owner, Founder

A pioneer of hoop dance within the Grande Prairie area, Amanda has been building her hoop dance career since 2009.  After learning hoop dance online through YouTube videos and online classes she began teaching locally and started her own business, Hip Flick Hoops. On January 1st, 2017 Hip Flick Hoops evolved into the Hula Hoop Circus to better align with the services now provided.

She’s an entertainer, flow arts instructor, and now the author of a picture book “Mandi the Clown and the Hula Hoop Circus”. Also known as Amanda Panda, Panda, or the ever popular, Mandi the Clown (just to name a few!) creating multiple fun, colourful characters and using those characters to build relationships with children at events is what the Hula Hoop Circus is all about.

Described as a “real crowd pleaser” by Grande Prairie DownTown Association’s manager, Amanda is a delightful combination of a spunky dancer and an enthusiastic professional. What audiences know as a colourful, charismatic and playful performer, event organizers know as an extremely unique and easy going professional.

Our Team

To maintain our numerous event bookings the Hula Hoop Circus has an amazing team of passionate performers and instructors.

Anna Kittilsen

Instructor, Performer

Anna was the first addition, joining the team in 2013. She is now involved in teaching Kids Hooping for Beginners, hosting birthday parties and other event entertainment.  After purchasing her first hoop the summer of 2012 she soon became addicted. Her dedication, positive attitude, love for children and laid back, quirky nature make her a perfect addition to the team.

Keeley Stubbs

Instructor, Performer

Keeley started hooping in early 2013 as a way to bond with her younger brother. It wasn’t long until it became her newest passion.  Hooping was the gateway to her creative self-expression which then led her to yoga.  Keeley joined the team in 2014 and now teaches Kids Hoop Play Empowerment and provides event entertainment.

Samantha Nielsen

Instructor, Performer

The first time Samantha saw hoop dancing was summer of 2013 when she stumbled across a video on the internet, immediately she was hooked.  In February of 2014 she joined her first hoop class with Hip Flick Hoops.  Since then she has explored different dance forms, the primary being belly dance.  Using dance experience, hula hoop tricks and combinations she has developed a unique hoop dance style.  Samantha is now involved in teaching weekly classes and event entertainment.