recent events

“Amanda Panda was a welcome addition to the fair! She brought energy, enthusiasm and fun to every performance and was a big hit with the audience, young and old alike!”

  • Natasha Chappell, Westerner Park, Westerner Days

“We hosted Amanda and Hula Hoop Circus at our annual Lights Up event in Fort Saskatchewan. The fire shows were the most popular attraction at the event. The performances were entertaining and engaging. We will surely be using Amanda and Hula Hoop Circus for our local events moving forward.”

  • Arthur Lewandowski, City of Fort Saskatchewan

“Amanda was so easy to work with, very professional, accommodating and talented. She was energetic, and very engaging with the children and the audience throughout the entire performance, which was a key factor in maintaining their attention and interest. Highly recommend!”

  • Mira Campbell, Edmonton PJ Library Programmer

“Amanda did a great job engaging with the adults and kids during the workshop! She has great energy and is able to relate to all ages. Amanda is also great to coordinate with as she responds quickly and has clear and concise communication.”

  • Megan Gergatz-McMorran, Muttart Conservatory

“Enthralling performance backed with motivational speech, a true double whammy!”

  • Michele Dekok, Teacher, BBESS


The energy is massive, the joy that emanates out to us is palpable and the fun infectious. It is rare these days to find a performer who you can just tell that they truly love what they do. That is what you get from Amanda… every time. “

  • Murray Utas, Artistic Director, Edmonton International Fringe Festival

“It was great to watch Amanda in her various characters – the kids love the individual attention she gives; they all walk away with smiles and laughs. The brightly colored costumes and adaptability of tricks and play are great for all ages of audiences. Thanks for joining us this year!”

  • Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival of the Arts, St. Albert, AB

“Amanda Panda, aka, Mandi the Clown has such a great and loving energy when she performs, she has a lovely way of connecting with people of all ages when she is on stage, as she roves or demonstrates/teaches her skills.”

  • Shelley Switzer Artistic Producer, Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

 “Our mission was to have performers inspire children to embrace the joy of creative expression through the arts, Amanda did just that.  She had a positive message that she relayed with her own storybook and throughout her performance”

  • Aum Nicol, Grande Prairie Children’s Festival

“Amanda was a highlight of 2018 BMO KidzArt Dayz! Kids and adults alike enjoyed her engaging, impressive and comical performance and loved being able to learn some hoop tricks after the show.  Amanda is great with kids and it is evident that she is having as much fun as they are. “

  • Twyla Exner, Director of Public Programs, Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George, BC

Library Tours

“She was so fun and such an amazing performer!  Everyone enjoyed her performance and kids asked to take photos with her at the end.  Really happy I got to experience this!”

  • Edmonton Public Library

“She was great to work with! Professional and fun. We had her perform out on the public floor. She used a sound system, and the music volume was great. Loud enough for the audience, but not too loud for the rest of the library customers.”

  • Edmonton Public Library

“Having Amanda Panda at our Library event was wonderful. She had the kids, parents and library staff involved, entertained and participating. She was very energetic and personable. Would have her at the library again.”

  • Laurie Youb, Assistant Library Manager, Dawson Creek, BC

School Tours

“I really liked the growth mindset approach and how Amanda explained her journey and how she practiced, practiced, practiced to build her skills. It really inspired the kids to keep going when they were doing the workshop portion of the session.  Amanda was engaging, the session was well paced, and the activities were interactive and provided an excellent learning opportunity.”

  • Virtual Workshop & Show, Hornby Island Community School

“Amanda was a great presenter who focused on teaching students how she followed her passion. She has amazing tricks, a book, and lessons to supplement her presentation. She was interactive with the crowd, and was able to manage a gym full of excited students at the same time. I would highly recommend this presentation!”

  • Grade 6 Teacher, BC Tour

“Amanda was well prepared and delivered an engaging virtual presentation. The kids at BES LOVED it! I appreciated that Amanda Panda was “dressed up” in her performer’s costume and that she had a fun way of interacting with the students here. Amanda has mastered the art of delivering a virtual presentation.”

  • Deadra Oblander, Bulyea Elementary School, Grade 3-4 Teacher

“Amanda was delightful to have in our school. She engaged the students immediately and had their attention throughout. Amanda had them cheering and clapping, then was able to refocus the students very quickly as she moved to her next incredible act. I would highly recommend Amanda Panda’s Hula Hoop Circus.”

  • Shaun McKenna, Rayleigh Elementary, Kamloops, BC

“The focus of finding your passion and setting goals connects with so many things in our curriculum and we LOVED having you!”

  • C. Gauley – Rayleigh Elementary, Kamloops, BC

“Saw Amanda in Victoria, BC at a school performance! Great performer with a positive message which is a lot of fun!”

  • John Stubbs Memorial School, Victoria, BC

“The students enjoyed the life sized slinky, the glow in the dark component and they LOVED that you are a published author. Your book is getting a lot of attention in our library.”

  • Lloyd Garrison School, Berwyn, AB

“Amanda’s presentation was polished and entertaining for all of our students in grades K-9. I would recommend this performance to any school!”

  • Mrs. Terry Fast, Principal, La Glace School, La Glace, AB

“Ms. Amanda is instinctively adept at modifying her circus skills program to accommodate a range of ages and abilities.  Her positive nature motivates students and her care and compassion helps students gravitate towards her.  Her new picture book, “Mandi the Clown and the Hula Hoop Circus” was also a highlight during our Literacy Week festivities.  She genuinely loves children and is a kid magnet.”

  • Don MacAskill, Principal, Wembley Elementary School, Wembley, AB

“Amanda was entertaining, energetic and had a great message for all our students. We all enjoyed her show. Our whole school wanted to try hula hooping for days after she left.”

  • Sara Lai, Vice Principal, Westwind Elementary, Richmond, BC

Virtual Events

“Amanda is so easy to work with – professional, prepared, and reliable. She connects with children beautifully whether in person or online. She brings such a positive energy and joy to her performance and looks for creative ways to engage her audience. She is an incredibly talented performer – both adults and children will be amazed and delighted. Thank you Amanda for bringing such a fun, virtual meeting experience for our Brownie unit!”

  • Liz Hamblin, Edmonton Brownies

“I loved how engaged you were with the kids. You made everyone feel included and brought joy to them. The girls had so much fun!”

  • Emily Hart, 2nd Grande Prairie Sparks

“We have been really struggling with how to make Brownies fun and interesting in the online world. Booking Hula Hoop Circus was such a good investment – the firms were entertained, learned a skill, and got to see a female entrepreneur and artist do her thing! Hands down one of our best meetings!”

  • Krista Li – Girl Guides Canada

“Amanda was well prepared and delivered an engaging virtual presentation. The kids at BES LOVED it! I appreciated that Amanda Panda was “dressed up” in her performer’s costume and that she had a fun way of interacting with the students here. Amanda has mastered the art of delivering a virtual presentation.”

  • Deadra Oblander, Bulyea Elementary School, Grades 3-4

“I received a few emails from girls Mothers thanking us for doing this for their daughter, so the Moms were very impressed, The girls had a blast and really enjoyed your presentation. I’m sure they are busy telling all their friends about it.”

  • Lorna, Mt. Cokely Sparks & Brownies

“I thought the entire virtual presentation was very engaging and interactive. Thanks again for a very fun energetic evening Amanda Panda and for allowing us to book on such short notice! The Brownies and Guides had a BLAST!”

  • Taryn, Windsor Brownies & Guides

“I was unsure if the 12 year olds would be engaged but we received very positive feedback from them (including meeting Amanda Panda in person)”

  • Laurie, Girl Guides

“Amanda Panda put on a wonderfully unique and upbeat presentation with plenty group interaction. Our Brownie unit had a blast!”

  • Breanne Little, #131 Brownies

“It was great! Thanks for taking additional time at the end for questions! All our girls were very engaged!”

  • Julie, 1st Stouffville Guides

“Fun & engaging experience! Our girls really enjoyed this interactive session!”

  • 69th Edmonton Guides

Outdoor Social Distanced Events

“Amanda Panda put on the most amazing Covid-Safe Glo Show for my daughter’s 5th birthday! The show was just amazing, stunningly beautiful, and the music was super fun!   Amanda is clearly a top notch performer and her hula hoop skills are insane.  WORTH EVERY PENNY.”

  • Karen Westra, Edmonton, AB

“I think the highlight for the girls was being able to do a safe, socially distanced activity which has been so limited this year. They loved the new hula hoop tricks and that we were engaged and participating the whole time.”

  • Lisa – 1st South Cooking Lake Rangers

Holiday Events

“The Rotary Club of Slave Lake had the Hula Hoop Circus come and entertain 600+ kids for our annual Christmas Extravaganza! The kids and teachers absolutely loved every minute of their performance! High energy and totally age appropriate show! Great people to work with also!”

  • Sheri Smears, Rotary Club of Slave Lake, Slave Lake, AB

“The kids had an absolute blast! It is hard to keep a wide age group entertained but all ages were interested and participating.  Even when the event started to wind down, you guys still had lots of energy and enthusiasm and kept the remaining kids feeling special.”

  • Carleen Boyd, Encana Children’s Christmas Party, Grande Prairie, AB

 “The performers were well organized, showed up on time, had appropriate costumes for the event, gained attention of the audience and were very entertaining!  Very impressed!”

  • Kelsey Banks, Festival of Trees Organizer, Grande Prairie, AB

“Thank you so much for your performance and activities at the City of Grande Prairie Kids Christmas Party.  We truly appreciated you taking the time to interact with the very large group of children and parents.  The gym was filled with laugher and excitement.  This was the perfect entertainment for the event and would love to have you back for future events.”

  • Alison Downing, City of Grande Prairie

Community Events

“We hired Amanda and her Hula Hoop Circus for our Trade Show this spring and she was nothing short of awesome. We received so many positive and wonderful comments on her professionalism and skills, as well as her ability to work with children and adults of all ages. I would definitely recommend hiring Hula Hoop Circus for your event!! Five…no…TEN stars!”

  • Naomi Larsen, Executive Director, Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce, Chetwynd BC

“Amanda is an exceptional performer whose skill at entertaining is only matched by her professional demeanor and overall pleasant nature.  I would hire her again in a heart beat.”

  • Cameron White, The Showcase Theater, Grande Prairie, AB

“Amanda is a real crowd pleaser.  We have had her perform at a variety of events including an Administrative Professionals luncheon, the Street Performers Sneak Preview, Municipal Government Day and the Shop Crawl After Party.  At each event the crowd was extremely impressed and pleased – young and old, male and female. We will definitely book her again.”

  • Helen A. Rice, Manager, Grande Prairie Downtown Association

“We hired the Hula Hoop Circus to entertain families before and after the RACE at the Spring Scurry. We were super pleased! The weather wasn’t great, but Amanda totally rolled with the punches. She never skipped a beat! She interacted with the crowd and spread all kinds of smiles!”

  • Andrea Delidais Farrell, Spring Scurry Fundraiser Coordinator, Eaglesham, AB